What is your Inbox Score?

Each email campaign is graded by ISPs and affects your reputation. Scores under 65 land in spam.


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Automatic Blacklist Monitoring

When it comes to email campaigns, timely information matters. It could be the difference of having your customer receive a message or the message going directly to spam. Inbox Score® is designed to send alerts instantly about blacklists and campaigns that could be hurting your reputation.

Automated Blacklist Alert

Inbox Score® is designed to instantly send an alert if your domain is listed on over 100+ blacklists.

Campaign Scoring Alert

When Inbox Score® detects you’ve sent a campaign with a score below our threshold, you will also receive an alert.

Realtime Inbox Score®

Each time a campaign is sent, the content, mail authentication protocols and many other factors are analyzed to provide a tangible score predicting where the email will land. Your Inbox Score® is evolving every day.

Integrated Sender Score Alerts

Your master Inbox Score® is a compilation of hundreds of data points woven together to predict where your email will land.

Individual Campaign Scoring Alert

Inbox Score® ranks each campaign you send using our proprietary algorithm and provides input on how you can improve your next campaign.


What Inbox Score® Clients Say

Inbox Score helped provide valuable campaign insights that helped us increase our engagement KPIs and inbox more efficiently.
Greg Irving
Performance Pubs
We were able to monitor our inbox probability on a day by day basis and watch our performance improve with the advice provided.
Kyle Muir
3 Click Cash
We were emailing our list while our domain was listed on Spamhaus for months. Luckily we now have instant alerts so it will never happen again.
Rachel Leyton
Consumer Parent
The difference between inbox and spam for us plays a crucial part of our revenue model. It is helpful to have direct access to actionable information.
Meghan Dubas
AutoTech Magazine

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